Modeling and Control of Dynamical Systems

There are numerous industrial and military application areas in which models and simulations do not yet exist and theoretical automatic control methods are not yet sufficiently advanced to design an automatic control system.

In solving challenging engineering problems, there is a need to understand and determine the dynamic response of a physical system consisting of several components. These efforts involve modeling, analysis, simulation, and control of physical systems. Control of dynamical systems involves the analysis, design, and development of feedback loops for physical engineering systems that are often composed of interacting mechanical, electrical, and fluid subsystem components. Building a prototype system and conducting experimental tests for complicated dynamical systems are either too expensive or infeasible for a preliminary design. Therefore, mathematical modeling and simulation of engineering systems facilitate and improve the design process considerably.

We use analytical calculations and numerical simulation tools to determine the system response in order to assess its performance, optimize the system, and develop control systems. Our applications areas are including but not limited to aerospace systems, propulsion systems, hypersonics.